• Wrapmaster… Now in Turkey!

    This product, which we got the rights of the distribution in Turkey from the British company: Wrap Film Systems, finds practical solutions in professional kitchens on daily usage. Wrapmaster, terminates the problem about unproper cling film cuts and reduces the waste of cling films with the help of its safety&fast usage type.
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  • Wrapmaster Features

    Details of  30 Cm and 45 Cm Cling Films that added into our product portfolio, are below: There are 3 Pcs Cling Films per 1 Box. "1 dispenser is free for every 3 boxes, with the Same Sizes": (Dispensers cannot be sold seperatly.) Cling Film Brand is "Linpac" which is the lider of its own subject. That's why, you can use it confidently. All genuine Wrapmaster refills feature a black bung in the end of the roll, which fits securely into the connector in all Wrapmaster dispensers. That's why, another cling films cannot be used on these products. Dispensers and its cling films are patented.
    You can watch the product usage video at the side.
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